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Monitoring and prevention

Monitoring measures are in place both within World Rugby, Unions, betting companies and increasingly, as shown in the case studies, government and police units in many countries to detect unusual betting or occurrences in sporting contests. Reporting of suspicious conduct is compulsory under the Regulation so World Rugby may also receive information through sources connected to you or a match you were involved in.

These bodies exchange information with World Rugby which is also in contact with other sports to monitor potential corrupters and persons of interest who may seek to move between sports.

When World Rugby identifies or becomes aware of an incident, this may lead to a covert investigation and further monitoring for some time either by World Rugby alone or in conjunction with police and/or other appropriate bodies. Alternatively, there may be an immediate charge against the person(s) involved by World Rugby, the person's Union and/or the police and the commencement of disciplinary proceedings.

The question you need to ask yourself if you find yourself in any of the situations in this programme is:

"Is it worth the risk?"

In all likelihood, you will get caught and lose your career, reputation, sponsors, friends, club, etc.

Keep Rugby Onside. Don't gamble with your career.