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Reporting an approach, suspicions or breaches

Please note that any reports you submit via this web form or email address will be treated by us in accordance with our Confidential Reporting Policy

No matter how small or seemingly irrelevant, if you have been approached or been asked to supply inside information (or if you know or suspect that a team mate or anyone else involved in the Game has been approached or asked to supply inside information), you must immediately contact World Rugby via one of the following mechanisms:

[email protected]

Web form

Confidential Reporting Policy

Q. Why do I have to report an approach, suspicion or breach?
A. While you may also speak to your local Union or Players' Association regarding an approach or suspicious activity, reporting to World Rugby as the central body is an obligation on all Connected Persons and is essential to ensure that all relevant information which may relate to corrupt approaches or corruption in the Game is filed in one place. This allows World Rugby and Unions to monitor reports, behaviours and potential breaches from one centralised database. For example, a corrupter or gambling syndicate may operate across various countries and World Rugby needs to know about their activities globally to be able to protect participants in the Game wherever they are.

Any contact you make with World Rugby will be treated with the utmost confidence.

In most countries, as well as contacting World Rugby, you may also be obliged to report match-fixing or potential corruption in sport to your local police service. Your Union or Players' Association may be able to advise you further in this regard.

Remember, World Rugby, your Union and/or Players' Association will help you before it's too late.

Please refer to our Confidential Reporting Policy for further details.