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Other corruption offences

Connected persons are not permitted to solicit, offer, induce, instruct, persuade, encourage and/or facilitate the giving and/or receiving of benefit (which may be money or something else) in relation to a Rugby event improperly and/or in circumstances in which the connected person knows or should be expected to know may bring the person or the Game into disrepute or pose a threat to the integrity of the Game.

This would cover, for example, accepting gifts from match fixers as part of the "grooming" process or introducing a player, for example, to a match fixer in exchange for money.

Connected persons are also not permitted to tamper with, obstruct, delay and/or destroy any evidence or potential evidence, documentation or information which may be relevant to a breach, potential breach or investigation under the World Rugby Anti-Corruption Regulations.

This means that a connected person who throws away a betting receipt, for example, or destroys mobile phone records which indicate they called a match fixer would be in breach of the regulations. It also means that if requested by World Rugby or a Union to assist with an investigation by producing documents, any delays or obstruction of that investigation could be a breach of the regulation.

Click or tap here to see the full text of Regulation 6.3.4.

If you ensure you always behave honestly and are careful only to associate with reputable persons you are unlikely to have any issues with these Regulations.