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Please note that any reports you submit via this web form or email address will be treated by us in accordance with our Confidential Reporting Policy

Thank you for taking the time to contact World Rugby. World Rugby greatly appreciates you submitting information to this confidential website and treats all submissions with the greatest of care and confidence.

Following its review, World Rugby may need to contact you to clarify or expand on the information you have provided. We look forward to your continued assistance if this is necessary.
Persons submitting information have the right to do so anonymously should they so wish.
Connected Persons are obliged to make reports of any approach, invitation, offer, solicitation, inducement, enticement, instruction, persuasion, encouragement, payment or facilitation to them or any other Connected Person which may relate to these Anti-Corruption Regulations and any other conduct, information or credible suspicion about any conduct which may breach or be relevant in relation to these Anti-Corruption Regulations or which may pose a threat to the integrity of the Game.

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By making this submission you confirm that World Rugby (and any of its affiliated companies) may share any information you submit with any Union, Rugby Body, law enforcement authority and/or competent authority for the purposes of World Rugby Regulation 6 and/or applicable laws. Some of these organisations may be located in countries outside of the European Economic Area and/or outside of your country of residence. You hereby consent to any transfer of the information you submit to a country outside of the European Economic Area and/or your country of residence. To the extent that you have any queries or concerns about the processing of your information by World Rugby (and any of its affiliated companies) you may consult with the World Rugby Anti-Corruption Officer or his nominee via the [email protected] email address.

The submission of information which you know to be false may be a breach of World Rugby Regulation 6 and/or applicable laws which could render you liable to sanction.

Please refer to our Confidential Reporting Policy for further details.

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