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Sanctions for match fixing

The maximum possible World Rugby sanction for any breach of the World Rugby Anti-Corruption and Betting Regulations is a LIFE BAN from all involvement in the Game.

This includes breaches in relation to fixing, Inside Information, betting, failure to report and any other improper conduct covered by the Regulations.

In many countries, there is also the risk of prison and other criminal sanctions.

Sanctions including life bans and prison terms have already been imposed on athletes and match officials in various other sports worldwide, including rugby league, cricket, tennis, football (soccer), basketball and handball.

Last but not least, there is the potential risk of violence or threats against you or your family by disgruntled corrupters who you have accepted gifts or benefits from and who now want you to repay them. In many cases, these people may be linked to the underworld and drugs trafficking, for example, and may not simply abide you withdrawing assistance after you have accepted their favours. As well as World Rugby, you need to go to the police as soon as possible if you find yourself in such circumstances.