Keep Rugby Onside - World Rugby's Anti-Corruption Web Site : The approach
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Environments in which an approach could occur

The approach may involve:

  • Buying you drinks in a bar
  • Buying you meals in a restaurant
  • Inviting you to a VIP event or nightclub
  • Introducing you to women/men or arranging prostitutes, escorts or sexual favours (free or in exchange for money and with or without your knowledge)
  • Offering you drugs
  • Lending you expensive cars
  • Arranging for you to be upgraded at your hotel or on your flight

Or it could simply be a team mate or colleague who is already under the control of corrupters asking unusual questions about injuries or money, offering you drugs or introducing you to the main corrupter or other underworld figures.

External corrupters will often try to impress you to win your friendship and make you feel obliged to return the favour. They may ask you about money, drugs, gambling or family issues feigning friendship but actually searching for a point of weakness they can exploit. Ultimately, like most underworld figures, they may give you no choice, but to assist them once you have accepted their favours including using extortion (for example, with photographs of you consuming drugs or acting inappropriately) or threats of violence against you or family members.

If someone is under the influence of corrupters, they may try to get closer to you to exploit your trust or any weaknesses they know about or try to find out about (for example, money, drugs, gambling or family issues).

This initial stage may go on for some time or via a number of informal meetings and may seem fairly innocent and even flattering unless you are switched on.