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What you CAN do with Inside Information

However, there are circumstances where you can legitimately reveal Inside Information which you need to know.

Some Inside Information you may not be able to stop being revealed to your family, friends and associates, such as if you are visibly limping because of an injury. Another scenario could be where you have been privately informed that you have been selected to play in or officiate your first Test or 1st grade match or if you have been dropped. Understandably, you may wish to share this information with your family and close friends. This is acceptable provided that you have informed them of these Regulations and you are sure that they will not use the information in relation to betting. If they do, they could cause significant problems for you.

You can also reveal Inside Information to the general public at large, for example, in a live media interview or through the Union website. This means that if you have an injury, for example, and you want to Tweet photographs of it or your X-rays, you would be best advised to ensure the Union publicly announces the injury on their website first.