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What you CAN'T do with inside information

Connected Persons cannot do or attempt to do any of the following:

  • Use inside information for betting whether by themselves or someone else.
  • Disclose it to any person where they know or may reasonably be expected to know that it could be used for betting.
  • Give or receive any benefit (which could be money or something else) for the provision of inside information (even if they do not follow through and actually provide/receive the information).
  • Ask for, encourage, facilitate or persuade the giving or receiving of a benefit for the provision of inside information or for any breach of the above Regulations.

Inside Information may not be divulged to a limited group of people as this may give them an unfair advantage in relation to betting, in much the same way as insider trading of stocks and shares in companies.

This means that if you reveal Inside Information to a limited group, whether they be family members at home, friends in a cafe, colleagues at university, your followers on Twitter or your friends on Facebook, you could be in breach of the Regulations.